Christmas ♥

Approaching the end of 2010
That means it's Christmas time once again!

Finally my long awaited xmas break is here!With my sis n' BIL during xmas dinner at Excelsior
Food wasn't great n' talk about the price -.-Just gotta ♥ that cap, one of my xmas gift xD all the way from London
Been awhile since the whole family came back at the same time
I'm the only one working as an intern.
I prefer studying life, at least can *lepak* around =P

Anyway, some *people* I know are Christmas babies
So here it is,


Au Revoir Viran =')

Let's sidetrack before we get into the topic xDSweet ride, aint it?
Took it not too long ago in Desa Parkcity, rich kia area -.-
The place with the problematic security
I barely even know Viran half a year ago
Guess time really changes things this whole semester
Went back to Shelaiton for all you can eatThat's not all the food of course,
they even shorten the time after our first appearance at this restaurantThe bunch of us after we stuffed ourselves full!
The unofficial Leo family =SThe older generation *haha*Top : My Leo parents -.- I don't remember how I ended up being the youngest
Bottom : My kai yeh n' kai ma O.oThe rest of the gals.
The Leo 'family' tree is on fb
Although the eldest but ranked youngest in this tree certainly is contradicting enoughAfter an hour + of digestion
We head for some healthy exercise at some newly opened courtsThe above n' below are badminton prosStill need to train more to reach their standard ~.~Taking a break ;)While waiting for some of them to be back.
Notice the new badminton shoes, got a new grip for the racquet too!Before : w/o Howe n' ShanWith 'em this timeBeing a pink day, our supposed last stop at Baskin Robbins
One last day with Viran,
My stay in Sunway was extended another dayPretty good environment
Forgot the name of the restaurant thoughGetting caught in action XDWonders if that chopstick went into his nostrils *lol*The *ahem* couples? =PCamera never fails to capture his endless expressionsSeems to be the luckiest guy that short period of time *lol*Our last group picture before he left back to Sri LankaWent strolling at the Canopy Walk which was a week oldEngrossed in something interesting way belowThe canopy walk is built right above Sunway Lagoon
some of the animals in captivity at LagoonThe bear sniffing the other bear's butt? O.o
Peek-a-boo, guess where we were? =D
We were kinda noisy in the library xD
Left not long afterViran getting acquainted with bears
I'll see ya when I see ya bro,
Till then, take care n' enjoy the rest of the days at JB
Won't be as exciting n' fun as it was in Sunway though =P

Pictures courtesy of Viran n' Brian!

Pre n' Post Event

Well, the items we bought for Madam Kang didn't magically appear outta nowhereWent over to Tesco to obtain the items
Look at the trolley full of toiletries O.o
Enough for one year's supply for an ordinary personSome were still sleepy due to early departure from SubangOthers were playing with their toys =)
On the way to Taiping, we stopped by Bidor for breakfast.This was totally yummy-licious!
Duck Noodles!Had other plans for dinner on the first nightDetermination n' perseverance saved the day ♥
We managed to enjoy our barbeque!Our dinner on day two was at this Hotel6 dishes, around 10 per paxDeparting early in the morning on day 3
All work n' no play makes Jack a dull boy =P
So we went on an eating spree!Dim Sum Breakfast at Ming Court
Supposedly better than Foh San but some seem to think otherwiseDigesting while we walk all the way to Parade before our next mealMet up with Janice in Parade as she joins us on our food hunt
Sunway Pyramid is way bigger than Parade of course xD
Not to mention more choices tooFunny Mountain
Famous for the above n' below
I'm amazed they even have business cardsLunch at Lou Wong, another hotspot at Ipoh
Famous for its Taugeh n' Chicken but I don't see why O.oManaged to get some food back as well
Kaya puff, I suggest ya to eat 'em while its hot =DSalted Chicken as well
It may be delicious but the price certainly isn't agreeable to meOne final stop before we head back to KL
Kong Heng at Old Town
Consumed satay n' rojak but the custard was sold out! T_T

A heartfelt gratitude to the photographer for taking so many picsn' not forgetting our OC of this Taiping trip event,
Trip wouldn't be as great n' fun without you peeps out there!!!
You know who you are ♥
Peace out!